About AMN

We match medical and health expertise to every Australians wellbeing and lifestyle needs.

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Our core principles at the Australian Medical Network

"Do no harm, provide valuable knowledge and to match medical and health expertise to every Australians wellbeing and lifestyle needs. We help clinicians and community members make the right decisions for their health. Through local and international collaborations and cutting edge health leadership, AMN strives to create a healthier future."

AMN believes in a healthier future

We at the AMN believe that when health systems support choice, evidenced based and unbiased science — clinicians and Australians flourish. That's why AMN stands at the intersection of health and wellbeing, where we are continually pushing the boundaries for higher standards of wellbeing to be reached for all Australians.

We focus on the health ecosystem

AMN is different because nowhere in the world do medical/health experts and the wider community converge to add value and transform a health ecosystem together. We are focused on addressing the unmet needs of health professionals and patients – where better understanding, safe existing and new treatments and inclusive health policies and laws can have the biggest impact.

Driven by values and ethical health science

At the core of why AMN exists is to defend trust and the Hippocratic Oath, within the health ecosystem and the public arena. AMN's values include: Trust, Respect, Ethical & Unbiased Health & Research, Beneficence, Choice, Compassion, Excellence, Imagination and Critical thinking and debate.

We bring a legacy of daring and caring

Founded in 2020 our founders were daring and resourceful. They were specialist doctors with unwavering motivation. They started the organisation because they were determined to fight for health care that is compassionate, fair, and whole person centred. While our network has evolved since its founding, our commitment to serve remains the same. Since our dramatic beginnings we have become the fastest growing medical and health hub in Australia.

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