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AMN has a big vision, and that is for Australia to be the healthiest nation in the world.

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We are re-defining how we live, prevent, treat and heal. AMN unites medical and healthcare experts, reshaping health approaches globally. Our unique model fosters collaboration between professionals and the community.



Patients’ needs are at the centre of care, along with strong diagnostic and treatment capabilities, ethical conduct, and the independent monitoring of all health regulators. This ensures a well-functioning healthcare system that prioritises prevention, quality of services and care outcomes.


Providing patients with options and encouraging healthcare professionals to offer various alternatives for prevention, treatments, and procedures guarantees that the best course of action is decided together. Choice reinforces trust, accountability and risk disclosure.


Transparency is paramount as it ensures quality assurance, openness, honesty, and clarity in all aspects of the healthcare system. It promotes accountability to reduce or prevent mistakes. By openly sharing data about risks and outcomes, healthcare organisations can make improvements.


A multi-disciplinary approach in healthcare, integrating expertise from various fields, ensures comprehensive and holistic patient care. It fosters innovation, preventive strategies, efficient resource use, and improved communication, leading to better patient centred outcomes.


Engagement and self-responsibility are vital as they empower individuals to actively participate in their well-being. By fostering awareness, informed decision-making, and healthy lifestyles, individuals become partners with their health providers.


Human connection is key to the promotion of health and prevention of illness. While delivery and communication processes are becoming increasingly digital, human connectivity drives health improvements. Offering both digital and non-digital alternatives are essential.


Patients must provide informed consent prior to any procedure, treatment, or if a third party is requesting their medical information. The sharing of private and sensitive information between patients and healthcare providers necessitates that both parties be bound by the principle of consent.


Training, research, and cross-discipline information sharing, aids in the understanding of the many available health care options and their associated benefits for all parties involved. This reduces mistakes and risks and promotes confidence and well-informed decision-making.

AMN is Dedicated To Empowering All Medical & Health Care Professionals

Medical & Health Professionals

We help prepare medical and health professionals for the future. From skills enhancements and best care to providing educational and networking opportunities, the AMN community comes together to use its extensive knowledge to advance health and wellbeing in Australia.

Allied Health

Allied health professionals represent 25% of the Australian workforce. AMN’s integrated approach to health and wellbeing connects all health professionals to collaborate and share knowledge to advance capabilities and patient health outcomes


The future of oral medicine looks bright, from improving oral health to staying ahead of the latest developments in dental technology and practice management. Our task at AMN is to inform clinicians and patients on the latest innovations and to help them keep pace with the growing possibilities in dental health care and management.

Natural Health

Evidenced based functional health experts play an important role in shifting holistic care and treatments to collaborate with other health professionals. AMN is committed to working with natural health professionals to spread the word about health outcomes and provide access to traditional medical experts.

Integrative Medicine

Our greatest opportunity is to connect integrative and holistic models of health with the advancements of conventional medicine. Evidence-based research and solutions to health creation is AMN’s focus.


Looking towards the future of eye care, AMN is committed to facilitating and supporting optometrists and eye specialists in promoting eye health and vision care.

AMN view’s health and wellbeing across six dimensions

Better Vitality and Health

This includes medicine, nutraceuticals, personalised treatment and prevention options, ethical technology and devices, telemedicine, data security and personal health and data ownership.

Better Nutritional Habits

Elevating our nutritional choices is not only about enjoying delicious foods but also about recognising their profound impact on longevity and overall health.

Better Movement and Fitness

Regular daily movement, along with cost-effective and impactful fitness options, can assist in reaching your overall health goals, ultimately contributing to a longer and healthier life.

Better Sleep

Embracing healthy sleep practices is essential, as quality sleep is paramount for overall well-being. There is a growing trend to harness the rejuvenating power of restorative rest.

Better Stress & Mindset Management

Effectively managing stress and cultivating a resilient mindset are crucial for promoting mental well-being across all age groups, with far-reaching implications for overall health.

Better Appearance

Demand for procedures both surgical and non-surgical will only increase in the future, along with nutraceutical and other products that boost personal aesthetics and promotes healthy aging.

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